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About Rochelle Tee.

Rochelle has been featured in several magazines throughout the years for being one of the Best Hair Stylists in Houston. With over 20 years of styling experience and now a proclaimed Master Stylist, education and continuous training have always been a priority to stay abreast of the new trends in technique. She acquired her Bachelors Business degree from Texas Southern University. After being a salon owner for 8yrs she has decided to close her salon to better assist clients while she pursues her other aspirations within the beauty industry to bring overall wellness to women all over the world. Featured in Houston Voyage Rochelle has launched her first line of Beauty and Wellness products at  Her motto is ‘Beauty starts within.’ Healthy Hair and Skin is more than just shampoo in a bottle, it’s a healthy lifestyle that contributes to your glow which she has always advocated to her clients. As a result she has changed the lives of many women throughout the years of how they perceive self-care for optimal results.


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